Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Apple and Sapphire Crystal

    In recent days Apple using a material called "Sapphire" in their recent makes (Iphone 5 series).
    Sapphire, which is currently uses in camera lens and "Touch ID" home button for Iphone 5S.
    Apple inked $578Million deal with GT Advanced Technologies Inc(Sapphire Supplier)
    GT produces Sapphire crystal for camera lens, LED lights, Tough screen guards,..
    Sapphire, a crystalline form of aluminium oxide, can be used to create unscratchable glasses
    also it is a good alternative to silicon dioxide conventional glass.
    Apple currently using Corning's potassium-enhanced Gorilla Glass,
    in near future it will be replaced by Sapphire glass.
    Sapphire is thinner so it is lightest also it is costlier than Gorilla Glass.
    Touch ID:
                                        (Image courtesy :http://appleinsider.com)

    Touch ID is a protective finger print recognition system which is present in Iphone 5+ models.
    It is strongly integrated into IOS, allowing user to unlock system,
    as well as make purchase in iTunes store, App Store.
    TouchId is built into the home button that is laser cut Sapphire crystal, its scratch resistant.
    crystal is rounded by metal ring to detect users finger print without pressing the button.
    beyond the crystal there is a sensor which uses capacitive touch to detect user finger print.
    Finger print samples can be stored in special chip inside the phone ,
    it cant be stored on iCloud unless user backed it up.
    Another plus is TouchId recognize finder print in any orientation because of
    stainless steel ring  around the crystal.
    GT files Bankruptcy Protection:
    GT stocks has been in declined after Iphone 6 release, because Apple wasn't using
    a new sapphire display on its newest variant Iphone6 and 6plus.
    so GT filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy court protection.
    Apple Watch will be expected to release next year probably will have Sapphire display.

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