Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Whats up with Chrome 42 ?

On Wednesday Chrome team announced Chrome update for Android ,Chrome 42.0.2311.107, same is available on Play store. Some highlighted features include,
  • Get the updates from sites in the form of Push Notification.
  • Some performance improvements.
  • Pinning your favorite site to your home screen is easier than before
From the above highlights lets look at the gimmicks "Push notification" 
Websites that support push notification can send out notification that look and feel like regular app notification even if the chrome browser isn't active.When visiting the sites that supports push notification , user will have a prompt to enable or disable this options. You can manage this via chrome settings.
More websites will need to update in order to support this feature. By looking from the top this feature seems to be cool and easy but it needs HTML 5(Service Worker). Also there is some issue with cross browser support too.
Mobile web notifications aren't available on iOS yet.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Microsoft crossed 40

Today is the 40th anniversary of Microsoft. 40 years ago (4/4/1975) this software giant was nothing more than a startup founded by 2 college drop outs Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
Today Microsoft has 1,25000 employees also its horizon expanded to all parts of the world.
Microsoft products are running in 90% of world computers.
Microsoft is the 3rd most valuable company next to Exxon Mobil(oil giant) and Apple.
In the email (40th aniv spl) to employees Gates quoted "Make the power of technology accessible to everyone, connect people to each other and make personal computing available everywhere".
He also reiterated company's vision which was laid out 4 decades ago..
"What matters most is what we do next"
Bill Gates name continuously available in Forbes billionaire list since past 21 years.
He is advisor of present CEO satya nadella.
Gates philanthropic activities are continued through Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
Happy Birthday #msft.