Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Adobe's line of Apps

    Adobe introduced a bunch of new mobile Apps at Adobe MAX Conference
    in Los Angels.
    Adobe had partnered with Microsoft and Apple.
    So these apps are only for Windows based and Iphones.
    It showed nine new mobile apps yesterday.
    Six of them are extensions of its major desktop apps.
    'Photoshop Sketch' and 'Mix' and 'Lightroom Mobile' are for photographers;
    'Illustrator Draw' and Line are for graphic artists;
    'Premiere Clip' is for videographers. The other three apps allow you to 
    capture content from the real world and turned into assets of your creative cloud.
    These are 'Adobe Colors', 'Adobe Brush' and 'Adobe Shape'.
    nucleas of today's announcement is Adobe's new service called  "Creative Profile".
    Each Adobe user has one linked to their Adobe ID.
    we can make cloud service personalized with Creative Profile.
    In background Creative Profile = sum of all activity on your Creative Cloud.
    This profile is the central part of the Adobe's so called "Creative SDK"
    Today all mobile apps are built on top of this SDK as are a preliminary group of third-party apps.
                                                 (Pic courtesy:
Adobe VP (Products/Community) Scott Belsky presenting new mobile apps at Adobe MAX 201.

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